7 Things You Need Know Before Selecting A Plumber For Your Job

So you're looking for a Plumber.

You've searched on Google and come up with 1000's of Plumbers in your area.

Now the fun begins.

Which one do you choose? Which one is going to give you the best service? Which one is the most reliable.....

Before too long you realise you've spent a good chunk of your time going round and round in circles and are no closer to making a decision.

Here is a quick guide to help you decide which Plumber is right for you .

These are the top 7 Things You Need Know Before Selecting A Plumber For Your Job.

1. Not all Plumbers are licenced to operate their own business - After a Plumber has completed their apprenticeship they are issued with a Provisional Plumbing License. This license allows them to complete regulated plumbing works as an employee of another plumbing business.

Provisional License holders cannot operate their own business. Any work completed by a Provisional License Holder operating as an independent business is illegal, un-licensed work. Make sure your plumber is a QBCC PLUMBING CONTRACTOR LICENSE HOLDER.

2. Un-licensed work can void appliance warranty and Insurance compensation claims - To avoid this make sure your Plumber holds the correct license class. You can check this by doing a licensee search on the QBCC website http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/

3. Ask how long they have been in business - The Plumbing industry is really competitive. The longer a business has been trading the stronger their business is likely to be. A business that does not deliver on customer service and quality work will not survive long in this industry.

4. Experience makes a big difference - Plumbing is so much more than just fixing leaking taps and installing toilets. Plumbers offer a wide range of services - Roofing, Drainage, Gas Fitting, Solar and Heat Pump installations, Hydraulic Engineering, specialist plumbing for Commercial and Retail building works, Backflow Prevention, Thermostatic Mixers....the list goes on and on.

All Plumbers have practical experience in basic plumbing but not all are skilled or licensed to carry out specialised plumbing works.

When you're choosing a Plumber ask if they are licensed to carry out your particular job and also how many other jobs like yours they have completed. The more experience the plumber has doing your particular job the less time they are likely to spend doing the work. This could save you some serious $$ if the job is being done on an hourly rate.

5. Look for a QBCC License number on advertisements - All Plumbing Businesses must have their QBCC license number visible on all print media, signage and online marketing/advertising. If no license number is shown then there is a good chance that Plumber is not a QBCC license holder.

6. Choose a Plumber who is a member of Master Plumbers - Master Plumbers Qld is the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors across Queensland. Plumbers who are members of this association are regularly updated on the latest industry issues; have access to technical support and business resources.

The more involved in the industry your plumber is, the more likely they will comply with the latest regulations (National, State & Local). The last thing you want is a plumber who has to re-do work because there has been a regulation change they didn't know about.

7. A Plumber with repeat business and referrals is usually offering quality services - There are so many ways for Plumbers to advertise their services. Most of it is paid advertising. Plumbers can spend $000s of dollars to get to the top of the list on Google and Trade directories.

Just because they are at the top doesn't mean they are necessarily the best, it just means they have probably spent the most money.

The best Plumbers have a solid mix of existing customers (Repeat Business). These customers have used the plumber time and time again, and keep coming back (usually over a number of years). Repeat customers almost always refer a good plumbers services to their friends.

So what should you take with you after reading this post.

  1. Make sure your Plumber holds a QBCC Contractor License not just a Plumbing License.

  2. Do not engage the services of un-licensed plumbers

  3. Check the Plumbers license class on the QBCC website. Make sure he is licensed to do your job

  4. Find out how long your Plumber has been in business.

  5. Look for QBCC License details on all advertisements

  6. Use a plumber who is a Master Plumber Member

  7. A Plumber who relies on Repeat Business and Referrals is more likely better than one who relies on paid advertising

If you are looking for a Plumber who can meet these criteria then try Competitive Plumbing Services .

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